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Anthony Krizan worked extensively with composer, David Grossman on Cathedral Canyon. They look forward to working together on the new project which they’re slated to do together, the Movies Making a Difference production of Carmelita, starring Emilio Rivera (Sons of Anarchy) and Winsor Harmon, (The Bold and the Beautiful)


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Cathedral Canyon

 Exerpt from film, Cathedral Canyon

This scene excerpted from the film Cathedral Canyon, takes place in a casino with music is by David Grossman.


 Excerpt from Cathedral Canyon - Establishing Shot / Introduction of Main Character


An excerpt from the film Cathedral Canyon. Establishing location shot and Introduction of main character (played by Winsor Harmon) with his musical theme. Music by David Grossman.


Excerpt from Cathedral Canyon - Opening Title Sequence (partial)

An expert of the opening title sequence of the film Cathedral Canyon. Music by David Grossman. (Actors, Nicole Wheeler and Wyatt Davis.)


Excerpt From Cathedral Canyon - Arrival of Big Shot / Drugged Tea

Two excerpts of scenes from the film Cathedral Canyon. Here, a musical theme introduced in the first scene - where a man of power within the cult community (played by David Fralick) arrives unexpectedly - is elaborated upon and combined with another earlier theme in the second scene where the unwilling bride is drugged into submission.