Studio Clients Title 3
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Our Recording Studio in NJ is fully equipped for your professional recording projects. Here is a quick list of some of our more popular analog and digital recording pieces:

Pro Tools 10 HD3
Speakers Genelc 1031 A'S-Tannoy NFM II
Apsi 44 channels of discreet 4 band parametric EQ's
Studer A80 24 TRACK 2 inch
Studer Revox 1/4 inch

Mic Preamps

10 Channels of Olympic Mic Pre EQS from the Silver Wrap Around Olympic Studio Console
API Preamps
Avalaon PRES
Wunder Audio PEQ 1'S
Neve 1067 Mic Pre-Eq's


Empirical Labs Distressor
Helios Modules
Raindirk Modules
DBX 166 Stereo Compressors
Drawmer Stereo Compressors
LA2A Compressors
DBX-161 Compressors
Fairchild Compressors available
Valvetronics Tube Stereo Limiter
Valvetronics Custom Tube Pre-Compressor
Pultec EQ's


1930's Baldwin Baby Grand Piano
Hammond B3 Keyboard
Suitcase Rhodes Keyboard
Vintage Wurlitzer
Guitar Leslie Model 147 and 122 for the Hammond
Over 20 vintage snare drums & 5 vintage kits
7 Drum Kits:1971 Rogers,2 60'S Slingerland Mother of Pearl 22 Inch, 2 Pearl Kits, 1969 Ludwig 20 inch, Sonor 20 inch, Kay, Zildjian and Sabian cymbals & more. Snare selection:Ludwig, Slingerland, Gretch, Tama, Pearl, Trixon, Sonor.

The best of vintage and new guitar amps: Marshall, Plexis, Fender, Blackface, Amepgs, Vox, Penn Custom.

Marshall Worken on by Ken Fisher, other amps by Matt Wells.