Gear List

Gear List

Our Recording Studio in NJ is fully equipped for your professional recording projects. Here is a quick list of some of our more popular analog and digital recording pieces:

Recording Methods

Pro Tools 10 HD3
Speakers Genelec 1031 A’S-
Tannoy NFM II
Apsi 44 channels of discreet 4 band parametric EQ’s
Studer A80 24 TRACK 2 inch
Studer Revox 1/4 inch

Mic Preamps

10 Channels of Olympic Mic Pre EQS from the Silver Wrap Around Olympic Studio Console
These are the actual preamps from the Silver Wrap around Olympic Studio Console in London. Used by The Stones, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and more. Ask Anthony.
API Preamps
Avalaon PRES
Wunder Audio PEQ 1’S
Neve 1067 Mic Pre-Eq’s


Empirical Labs Distressor
Helios Modules
Raindirk Modules
DBX 166 Stereo Compressors
Drawmer Stereo Compressors
LA2A Compressors
DBX-161 Compressors
Fairchild Compressors available
Valvetronics Tube Stereo Limiter
Valvetronics Custom Tube Pre-Compressor
Pultec EQ’s


1930’s Baldwin Baby Grand Piano
Hammond B3 Keyboard
Suitcase Rhodes Keyboard
Vintage Wurlitzer
Guitar Leslie Model 147 and 122 for the Hammond
Over 20 vintage snare drums & 5 vintage kits
7 Drum Kits:1971 Rogers,2 60’S Slingerland Mother of Pearl 22 Inch, 2 Pearl Kits, 1969 Ludwig 20 inch, Sonor 20 inch, Kay, Zildjian and Sabian cymbals & more. Snare selection:Ludwig, Slingerland, Gretch, Tama, Pearl, Trixon, Sonor.

The best of vintage and new guitar amps: Marshall, Plexis, Fender, Blackface, Amepgs, Vox, Penn Custom.

Marshall worked by Ken Fisher

Matt Wells customization

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