Video Production

Multi-Camera Live and Custom Shoots

From Video Concept to Creation. Full-Service Video Productions utilizing the latest Sony and Canon cameras. We have all the toys from drones to automated gimbals to make your budget look top dollar. We have access to high dollar sports cars and incredible condo’s with the New York skyline as your back drop. The only limit is your wallet.

In Studio Video
Capturing live in-studio video as you record your music, We can do a multi-camera shoot that syncs up with your recorded music. Great promotional tool.
Live Music Video
Utilizing the latest Sony and Canon cameras we can do a multi-camera live shoot with all the bells and whistles. We can make your live show look larger than life.
Conceptual Video
We take your music, your vision and apply our creative force to bring your music to life. We can go as far as your budget allows. No limits to what we can produce,

From Concept to Production
We Have All The Cool Toys

Some people say there’s a decline in music video quality since both the significant sums of money and MTV moved away from the genre, but music videos as an art form are as important now as they’ve ever been.

They’re part of our visual language — a significant part of the culture of our consumption of music, art and entertainment… And they are also a great way to spend five minutes in the afternoon.

Music on the Internet is consumed and forgotten about daily, if not hourly. So from a record label point of view, an artist needs something bigger than an MP3 to get noticed. They need strong creative visuals to give them a substantial competitive advantage over their peers. Sonic Boom can help!

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